Robot Self-propelled Wrapper

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Self-propelled wrapping machine






















filmstretch wrapping machine




PLC controller


filmstretch wrapping machine

PLC controller

real packing height 2100mm

Minimum pallet size 600x600 mm

Rotary speed  1~16 circle/min

Pre-stretch ratio

Charge power

Machine gross weight


Product introduction        

Self propelled wrapper machine is a kind of film winding machine with more flexible packaging methods. In addition to the advantages of general packaging machine, it also has many advantages that other film winding machines do not have. Compared with other equipment, it is more flexible and can be applied to some pallet winding machines, cylinder winding machines and other environments that cannot be moved, making it more convenient and efficient. Packaging automation, saving space. The self-propelled winding machine can be moved at any time, which not only saves the space of the plant and warehouse, but also facilitates the transportation to the site and starts work immediately