Global packaging machinery industry market analysis

 news     |      2022-06-07 10:31

After 20 years of development, although a late start, but China's packaging machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, and to provide an effective guarantee for the rapid development of China's packaging industry, packaging industry to improve the efficiency of the entire society. Packaging machinery also fill the gaps in this field, basically reached to meet the needs of the domestic market, some excellent products and manufacturers such as Yuan Xu, the products have been exported abroad to achieve the level of development, and this is another of China's packaging machinery industry Great progress.

Global packaging machinery demand is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6% growth. This pace of development is inseparable from the development of scientific research in the world packaging industry leader in Germany, the United States, Italy and other countries, the Japanese investment in the proportion of China in this field must be more to the development of foreign learning, to dare to try, dare to struggle. China Packaging Network to the global packaging machinery industry market analysis statistics, packaging equipment manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, China. Depending on the geographic location, foreign packaging machinery market needs are different. Arab Middle East Packaging Machinery imports tend to choose our domestic equipment, because without him, the high cost. This feature is especially prominent on the yuan Xu products, steady growth in market share.

German packaging machinery and equipment at a leading design, production, technology and other aspects of the industry leader in the world; China is an important German packaging machinery importing countries, especially in the food processing and packaging machinery industry. German packaging machinery major importing countries are the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia. German packaging machinery in the world rankings of the first 85% of the shares. In the process, Xu Yuan has been adhering to the spirit of German technology, and strive to rigorous pursuit of perfection. Constantly have to learn to packaging machinery Big Brother, and also made some progress.

US packaging machinery development period is very long, so as to gradually form an independent complete packaging machinery systems, varieties and production of American products rank first in the world. US packaging machinery industry since the 1990s, has maintained a good momentum of development. Which have the biggest feature is dependent on American packaging machinery company attached Bulk materials company, sales are entirely dependent on the parent company. This feature also makes the United States look like a duck in the industry. Xu Yuan in the manufacture and sale of analog products are also borrowed from the American model, called YuAe mode.

Japanese packaging machinery manufacturers mainly in small and medium enterprises, there are currently more than 500, in addition, there are more than 250 packaging materials, packaging machinery and related equipment manufacturers, packaging machinery varieties of nearly 1,000 kinds of specifications. Packaging machinery mainly small and medium-sized single, small size, high precision, easy installation, easy operation, high degree of automation. Japan belongs to the sword easy road in this area alone share. China's packaging industry in this regard is gradually narrowing the gap with Japan. Yuan Xu is an outstanding representative of the product is simple, accurate and effective, making good.

Italy is the world's fourth largest producer of packaging machinery, packaging machinery second largest exporter. Italian packaging machinery has excellent properties. The EU, the packaging machine industry is relatively well-known in Italy, Britain, France, Greece and Switzerland, and in which the Italian packaging machine can be said to be a world-class, beginning in 2003, Italy can be described as twists and turns in this industry, then, almost every year to maintain the growth trend in the packaging industry to consolidate a strong position in the Italian industry. China is a major importer of Italian packaging machinery and a high share of China's domestic section of the packaging machine business also learn from the exchange of technology in this sector between Italy and China increasing. China is also on the market and the Italian packaging machine each game, since the Italian packaging machine positioned more for high-end, so the low-end market, China's packaging machine still has certain advantages, but the packaging machine companies in China, with the first-class foreign packaging Enterprise is not much competition, Yuan Xu is one of them.

Yuan Xu believes that the German packaging machinery in the design, manufacturing and technical performance in terms of both international packaging machinery industry leading position. China's packaging machinery, though not perfect, but it is constantly advancing toward a good direction. I believe the future will be better for China's packaging machinery. Innovative packaging machinery coming soon emerging industries. Yuan Xu has become the industry leader in packaging machinery.