Full-automatic Pallet Strapping Machine YK03A

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Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine  YK-03A

Machine size: W3950 * L660 * H3050mm
Arch Size: 1450W * 1800Hmm
Power source: 380v50 / 60hz.3 phase (3-phase) .2KW
Bandwidth: 12.15.19m PP, PET tape
Strapping speed: 22 seconds / strip
Packing material Size: 1000 ~ 1500 (W) * 600 ~ 1400 (H) mm
Strapping tightness: Max (Mas) 70kgs
Table height: 500-600mm
Weight: 630kg


Conveyor Height: 500-550mm available                                                     Machine color could be specialized  
Roller conveyor :( Unit mm)
Standard Style:( Unit mm)
Diameter of roller (D) Ф 76mm
Loading weight of conveyor(Max) Max 1000kg
5length of conveyor(L) 1500mm per set
Interior width of conveyor (B/B=W+20) 1000mm
Min height of conveyor(H) 500mm
Conveyor speed (Max) Max 20meters/min
Power of motor(KW) 1.5kw
2.0  Main Reference
Description   Refer
Artical Model YK-03A Electric heater Joint pet strip
Arch Size1 W1200*H1400mm,
Machine dimention W5000*D1200*H2000mm
Stripping way Sensor Detect or Turn on/off
Stripping Capability (Max) 2 Strip per minute
Strips Per Carton packing-line, 0,1,2 strips optional  
12-16mm width in pet
Heater Joint length 25mm
core machine Original DSI (Aluminium Set ) (KOREA) 
Photo electric OMRON (JAPAN)
Motor M1 M2 M3 CPG (Taiwan)
Approach switch Auto NICS (KOREA)
Operation Switch Schneider (France )
AC Connect LG (KOREA)
Operation on panel Tank (Taiwan)
Powered Conveyor Roller   
Roller Diameter (run stablly) Dia 76 mm,
Roller Length 1600mm
Distance of 2 rollers (stable to run ) 145mm
Material of Roller (carbon steel to use for long) carbon steel
Conveying Speed   0-18meters/min
Air Cylinder Lifting capability   0-500mm height  
 Turning platform with rotation for
“ #” strapping
Turning 90-270 degree on 2000mm dia plateform
Conveyor Height 500-550 mm
Same description as written on the drawing paper