Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine YK-04A

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 Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine  YK-04A

  1. Customer Pallet size: 1100L * 1100 W    1200*1300
  2. Strapping method: horizontal packing with Pet Strip
  3. Machine size: 4050mm (L) *2970mm (W) *3000mm (H)
  6. Applicable banding force: 15-70Kg
  7. Power supply: 380V/50Hz
  8. Single Strip speed: 22 seconds / include  transportation and heating time).
  9.  voltage / total power: 380V/1.4kw /50Hz
  10. PET 16mm thickness 0.8mm-1.0, skewness <30mm, PET material packing strap
  11. heating length 25mm
  12. packing mode: up and down translation, movement of core, photoelectric induction, and 2-5 strapping.
Switch button Schneider
Overheat protection Schneider
Contactor Schneider
Proximity switch China Taiwan Yangming
Photoelectric switch Japan OMRON
Intermediate relay OMRON Japan
Touchscreen Kunlun Tongtai
Central heart motor    three phase 380V   CPG
Arrow feeding motor    three phase 380V  CPG
Main motor  three phase 380V   CPG