YK1650F Pallet Wrapping Machine

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1. Wrapping Size(L*W*H): 1200 x1200x1800mm
2. Turntable Height: 80mm
3. Turntable Weight Capacity: 1500kg
4. Stretch System: (Pre-stretch) 200%-300%
6. Wrapping Height(L*H): 1800 - 3000mm , standare pallet height  2000mm 
7. Turntable Speed: 0-12rpm
8. Packing Efficiency: 20-30 Pallet/hour
9. Wrapping Material: Stretch Film  17-35 um thickness,  external diameter 220mm, 
10.Machine Dimension(D*W*H): 2750*1650*720mm
11.Machine Weight: 600kg
12.Special Machine: Could Be Made

Material LLDPE - Stretch Film
Film Thickness 17-35 µm
Film Width 500 mm
Core Diameter 76.2 mm
(Max.) Film Roll Diameter 220 mm
Weight of film roll 15 kg
Film stretch rate 250%-300%

Control System
1. Power(kw): Motor: CPG/OTG
2. Program: PLC, self-induction, adjustable rotary speed
3. Voltage/Power: 1.32KW,220V,50/60HZ,1ph

   Control System 
    -  Screen & PLC Programmable Logic Controller
     - Separate Carriage Up-Down Speed Control
     - Auto-Height Load Height Sensing
     - Electronic Film Tension Control
     - Conveyor Jog (for each conveyor)
      - Additional Controls may be required
Table Drive &Support
     - 0-12 RPM Variable Table Speed
     - Adjustable Soft-Start Soft Stop
     - Table Fully fenced for Greater Personnel Safety
Film Delivery System

     - Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% to min film consumption 
     - Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
     - Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor
     - Film dancer-bar with variable speed output
     - Pre stretch Rate Set to Customers Requirements (200-250% Std)
Option :Top Press Plate (option extra cost 450 USD)
Plate diameter 500-600mm
Control by key the manu
Motor (0.35kw) or air cylinder Pressure device according
 to your request choose-able


Option :Auto Cutter  (option extra cost 450 USD)
Pneumatic cutter

Quality Assure
1. Get CE certification
2. Awarded the high-tech industy
3. First lever supplier of china automatic manufacturer
4. Has the world-class level of dynamic
5. Has good customer service